Transform Your Running in 12 weeks
Join this popular program now and see the improvement you can make to your running in under 3 months!

  • Do you want to run more efficiently and stay injury free?
  • Do you want to run faster?
  • Do you want to be a better triathlete runner in 2018?

Improve running skill

The course develops your skill by giving you a range of fundamental drills at the right time in your development.

Develop fitness

The course is structured in 4 week blocks.  Your endurance and muscular endurance will develop through progressive overloading followed by recovery.

Develop run strength

Once your endurance and skill has got a head start, the course sessions will include elements to make you stronger and faster.

Become a Better Runner

Use the next 12 weeks to become a different runner. You HAVE to make the most of this time. 

Make a change.  Don't waste these 12 weeks!  Use the time you have AND this course to make a change!  Make improving your running a priority.

REFUND GUARANTEE:   if you don't think it will work for you we will give you your money back if you tell us within 30 days!

Is this for me?

This program is for triathletes that wish to improve their triathlon run times.  There are 2 levels of program to follow.

Level 1: Currently running 2 times a week.  You want to run 5k in 30 mins or under!

Level 2:  You could be a club runner usually running 3 times a week.  You comfortably run 5 k in under 30 mins - under 20 mins is your goal - oh yes!!

How it works and what you get

Sessions by email

You will receive your sessions every 4 weeks by email as pdf files.


Bi-weekly emails that include HD video clips on what to do.


No more guesswork! 3-4 (depending on level) structured sessions every week

You are not alone

Join our Facebook group of other Transformers!  Who will see the biggest improvement?

Run clinics and 1-2-1

Take part in our March run clinic led by Mike Redshaw or book in for 1-2-1 run fit sessions.

Coach hotlline!

Phone access to an experienced Level 3 BTF qualified coach to discuss progress and problems

Course Content

You will need:
a) appropriate trainers and a heart rate monitor - Level 2 runners will also need to be able to monitor and work to pace
b) the commitment and availability to run 3 times a week for Level 1 runners and 4 times a week for Level 2 runners
c) be free from any niggles or injury caused by running

Getting ready

Block 1

Focus on technique.  Learn about and improve your body position.  By keeping our bodyweight just slightly forward when we are running (the whole body and not just bending at the hip) we ensure that we reduce the deceleration between each running stride. Fitness focus.  Develop endurance and get into a routine that includes effective recovery techniques.

Focus on technique.  Your landing zone.  Your fore-foot should strike the ground directly underneath your centre of mass.  If you land on your heel, you will be landing in front of your centre of mass and you will be applying the brakes!  Fitness.  The fitness focus continues with the development of strength.

Block 2

Block 3

Focus on technique.  Minimizing ground contact time.  If we have used our fore-foot as our landing zone, then we are able to utilize the elastic properties of the elastic tissues in our lower legs.   Fitness.  The fitness focus peaks with muscular endurance and quality speed work.

Who are coaches? is the leading coaching company in the UK, delivering swim, bike and run coaching via online training programs, training day camps, overseas camps and one-to-one sessions.  The highly qualified coaching team  includes former elite athletes such as Richard Jones and Andrea Whitcombe as well as GB Olympic coaches Dan Salcedo and Bill Black, experienced BTF coaches Liz Scott, Duncan Scott, Mike Redshaw, Thom Phillips and Ashleigh Ahlquist. has been providing coaching for athletes of all levels of fitness and ability from first time triathletes through to seasoned professionals and elite performers since 2008.  Visit for more details.

Mike Redshaw Senior Coach to Age Group and Iron distance triathletes.  Experienced physiotherapist with private practice and particular interest in running biomechanics,

Dr Liz Scott

BTF level 3 coach.  Coach to Age Group World and European Championship qualifying athletes.  Represented GB at Age Group World Championships. 

Andrea Whitcombe

Olympian and Commonwealth Games silver medallist on the track. 

Top 8 in 3 World Triathlon Championships - 4 podium placings in World Cups.  Now Welsh Academy coach, Welsh National 10k Champion.

Rich Jones Head Coach
Level 3 BTF Coach, former elite Ironman athlete.
Elite triathlete coach
Multiple Elite National Champion

Coaching Plans and Pricing


as one off payment
30 day money back guarantee

  • sessions by email as pdf
  • 3 - 4 run sessions per week
  • HD supporting videos
  • sessions tailored to ability
  • email support from qualified coaches
  • monitoring and motivation


£30 pcm

try this out for just £5

  • sessions by email as pdf
  • full training plan
  • bike and run sessions
  • 12 week swim focus
    4 sessions per week
  • email support
    find out more